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I’m an engineer!

I recently graduated from the University of Applied Science Utrecht with a Bachelor of ICT in Computer Engineering.

During the program, I specialized in Mobile Server-based Systems and I was enrolled in the minor Interactive Media Products

During my graduation internship of five months, I’ve developed a PhoneGap (callback/cordova) based mobile app using Sencha Touch to create GUI and application logic. For the server side, I used the Windows Communication Framework to provide a RESTfully API to an existing application.

Due to the NDA I can’t describe the details of this project, but I can tell I got a 9 (out of 10) for my graduation project.

So…. I’m an engineer!

OSIRIS Email script

As it’s still not possible to receive an email when new grades are published on OSIRIS, I wrote a script that periodically retrieves my grades. When a change in my grade-list occurs, I automatically get an email with a list of my last fifteen grades.

I am using this script with full satisfaction for some time now, which is why I’m publishing it.

Download OSIRIS Email script v0.1


  • A (web)server with PHP and cron is required
  • Use at your own risk
  • Read the comments in each file

31-05-2011 update: The latest OSIRIS upgrade breaks compatibility with this script. You’ll have to modify the source code in order to get it to work again. I might look into this myself.

19-02-2012 update: OSIRIS has implemented email functionality in the latest release. I will no longer support this script.

PIC Thermostat controlled by SMS – Final assignment

I didn’t succeed in getting the SMS communication to work. The compiler had various problems, and due to the time constraints we decided to simplify the task.

When a text-message with the word “Temperature” arrives on the Wavecom modem, the sender received an SMS with the current temperature.

Below are some pictures of the setup with the DB038 PIC board and the Wavecom modem (and RS232 to TTL conversion). On the photographs, the setup is connected to a computer for debugging purposes, it can also operate stand-alone. It is a completely embedded system.

PIC Thermostat controlled by SMS – Preview

After a short discussion with the teacher, we decided to use the thermostat I developed earlier in a new project that requires an embedded system to interact using SMS.

Meanwhile, all hardware is ready, and the thermostat that was previously written in assembly is rewritten in C. In addition, the thermostat also sends textual messages containing the current status. The only part that has to be developed is the SMS communication.

Below is a short demonstration video, using a computer to communicate. Ultimately, the messages displayed on the computer-screen will be sent using SMS.

Computer Engineering

At the moment I’m studying Computer Engineering at the University of Applied Science Utrecht. Two days ago I officially got my positive study advice, meaning that I can continue to the second year.

Unfortunatly, I haven’t got my propaedeutic diploma yet, for that I must retake three mathematics courses. I suspect that this will be no problem.

As for my grades, the jewels of this school year:

Web technology – 10.0
Introduction to Java – 9.6
Java Programming 1 – 9.4
Java Programming 2 – 9.3
Java Programming 3 – 10.0
Databases 1 – 8.5
Databases 2 – 8.6
Object Oriented Analysis and Design – 8.5
Computer Engineering Project 3 – 9.0
Computer Engineering Project 4 – 9.0

Hello world!

It is 2009, and personal branding is a major upcoming trend. Until now I had virtually no public profile or portfolio, but that’s about to change!

On this blog I’ll blog about what’s happening in my life. Both at my Computer Engineering course at the University of Applied Science Utrecht, my job as a freelance software developer and whatever else happens to me.

After this post I’ll devote some posts to what fascinates me, and I hope to leave monthly messages thereafter.

Happy reading!