Automated game of Doeo using Java Robot class

Now that pong is fully automated, it is time to optimize.

First I switched to the game Doeo. The goal of the game is to move your mouse as fast over Doeos as possible. A fun game to use as an example for automation.

I also made a small performance enhancement (10 to 15 percent) by not using getRGB () from BufferdImage, but reading directly from an array. It does take some time to get everything into an integer array, but if that’s done, the for-loop is a lot faster.

Demo video:

The optimized code:

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Automated game of pong using Java Robot class

Using the Java Robot class, I have written a small utility that plays an automated game of pong against the computer.

It constantly monitors the left side of the game, and when a ball enters the field, it moves the mouse cursor to the position of the ball.

Demo video:

This is a simple introduction to image-recognition and mouse-movement in Java. Feel free to use the code, optimize or improve.

Usage of the RobotPong object::

  • Create an object using the coordinate of the part of the screen that needs to be monitored.
  • Start the object using the start() method, this will start the thread containing the object.
  • It is possible to run multiple threads, each playing their own game of pong.

The game itself can be found at the MegaFunGames webpage.

The code:

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