Computer Engineering

At the moment I’m studying Computer Engineering at the University of Applied Science Utrecht. Two days ago I officially got my positive study advice, meaning that I can continue to the second year.

Unfortunatly, I haven’t got my propaedeutic diploma yet, for that I must retake three mathematics courses. I suspect that this will be no problem.

As for my grades, the jewels of this school year:

Web technology – 10.0
Introduction to Java – 9.6
Java Programming 1 – 9.4
Java Programming 2 – 9.3
Java Programming 3 – 10.0
Databases 1 – 8.5
Databases 2 – 8.6
Object Oriented Analysis and Design – 8.5
Computer Engineering Project 3 – 9.0
Computer Engineering Project 4 – 9.0

Hello world!

It is 2009, and personal branding is a major upcoming trend. Until now I had virtually no public profile or portfolio, but that’s about to change!

On this blog I’ll blog about what’s happening in my life. Both at my Computer Engineering course at the University of Applied Science Utrecht, my job as a freelance software developer and whatever else happens to me.

After this post I’ll devote some posts to what fascinates me, and I hope to leave monthly messages thereafter.

Happy reading!